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getUBetter adds five more languages to their Touch-to-Speak offering

By: Natalia Szczepanek, Community Engagement Officer

July 8, 2024

getUBetter, a digital self-management support for all common musculoskeletal injuries and conditions and women’s health, has added five new languages to their Touch-to-Speak (TTS) offering, including: Farsi, Arabic, Ukrainian, Romanian, and Punjabi.

The new development comes following a growing demand to increase the number of languages available in the app. In total, the app now covers 14 different languages, further improving accessibility and user experience.  TTS allows them to turn any text into audio in the language of their choosing, transforming their digital experience with just a touch of a finger. Expanding the offering makes the app more accessible to a diverse range of users, including those with vision loss, reading challenges, learning or development disabilities, different first languages, low literacy skills, technology struggles, or minds that retain audio information better than text alone.

“We want as many people as possible to be able to use our platform” – said Carey McClellan, getUBetter’s Founder and CEO. “Delivering effective health technology relies on patients having the opportunity and capability to use it. Developments such as this one help us deliver local digital self-management to a wider range of users.

getUBetter is a NHSx Digital Pioneer award company partnering with NHS South West London ICS to evaluated and understand digital exclusion from a patients, clinician, and system wide perspective.  Together they are developing solutions and processes to minimise its impact.