Our quality and safety assurance

At getUBetter we are Clinicians and Professional software Engineers first and foremost. Our professional obligations require us to ensure that the tools we use in treating patients are as safe as we can make them. The medical software (platform and app) we produce is just such a “tool” and we are committed to ensure that the software we manufacture measures up to the high standards and traditions set by our respective professions.

As a company we have established systematic Quality Management and Clinical Safety systems and hold quarterly reviews to identify, assess, control and mitigate any inherent clinical or system risks. This is then consolidated on a yearly basis.

We are totally committed at getUBetter to provide the highest levels of software quality and safety we can through our processes. Our company follows these systems and processes without reservation, and actively seeks opportunities to improve the way we work.

We recognise that the software we produce could be used in the treatment of our own families and loved ones, and therefore our company and all our staff have a duty to support the Quality and Clinical Safety management systems.

We ensure all patients understand that the app is not a substitute for professional medical care and advise users to seek help if they have any concerns.  We also make sure they understand that they are responsible for following any advice given because clinicians do not actively monitor them on the app.

Self-management (including exercises) may not be suitable for everybody, and we have multiple layers of safety netting / screening throughout a recovery journey. We will advise people where and when to seek help providing safe self-management but navigation back into the health system when needed.


How we comply with recognised app design standards

We design our technology in accordance with digital and NHS best practice.  Our co-design work was recently awarded the NHS Digital Technology Partnership of the year 2023/24 award from the Health Service Journal.

We are committed to digital accessibility and so apply the NHS digital design principles ensuring we put people at the heart of everything we do.  We measure and conform to WCAG 2.1 conformance across our digital platforms as well as co-design.  getUBetter meets the WCAG 2.1 Conformance level AAAs a company we commit to operating an ISO13485 compliant Quality Management System.