Trust your recovery,

We have a NEW improved app.
If you are a Wandsworth – lower back pain app user, with a pink icon, it will no longer be supported. Please move across to our NEW app.
Simply click on the app store link above, download and login with your existing username and password.
Once complete you can delete the old app with the ”pink icon”
and just use the NEW app.
Thankyou – getUBetter team

“A rather clever app from getUbetter, giving patients a managed back Pain recovery Program” -

“This app is brilliant, all the right messages. Will recommend to staff, patients and friends.” Clinical Lead Physiotherapist in Exeter

“When I developed back pain this app provided really useful, day by day advice, which helped me to recover”. Back pain user

“Very impressed with this app. It’s a fantastic tool for patients to self-manage as it is packed with evidence based advice and information and is easy to use. Consultant Back Pain Physiotherapist

"I am more than impressed by the getUbetter application. It is clear and very easy to use, gives straightforward advice for patients. I know my GP colleagues will also recognise that it represents a significant self-help tool to guide and reassure patients." GP in Chepstow

“It gave reassurance when I was worried about my pain, and helped me manage my expectations about speed of recovery. I have already recommended it to friends and family!” Back pain user