Pelvic health pathways


Safety netting

Multiple layers of safety netting throughout a patient’s recovery journey

Screening questions

We safety net at scale across the entire women’s pelvic floor care pathway, responsibly supporting self-management

Symptom checker

Configured to a local health service, enabling and advising patients to seek help with an appropriate part of the service when necessary.

Recovery monitoring

Patients can monitor their recovery - let us know what their worries and problems are, set goal, and keep a diary, based on which getUBetter provides targeted and personalised information.

Expert advice

Mixed media information on what to expect in relation to a patient’s condition journey.

Personalised and targeted

getUBetter day-by-day program with information and biopsychosocial support tailored to how the user is feeling.

Supports lived experience

getUBetter takes a holistic approach to self-management, considering physical, psychological, and social factors and their interactions in understanding health, symptoms, and healthcare delivery.

Pelvic exercises

Exercises to improve pelvic floor muscle function, as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.

Developed by experts

Developed by the women's pelvic health team at the South West London ICS. getUBetter pelvic floor exercises have been co-designed with clinicians and patients.


gUB’s pelvic floor exercises change with the person’s journey. General pelvic floor health exercises will differ from those for our pregnant patients, or those who have given birth.

Supported with images

Our videos include simple images to support spoken words of a women’s health physiotherapist, making it more accessible for all.


Referrals across the whole pathway, including PIFU.


getUBetter can automate referrals to an appropriate parts of a local health system across the whole pathway.


We meet the needs of individual integrated care systems and their populations. Local configuration as by done on a place-by-place basis if needed.

Access to local treatments

getUBetter connects users to their local healthcare providers, treatment, and support services that relate to where the user is on their journey.

Waiting list support

getUBetter supports patients while they wait.

General pelvic health

We can support patients whilst they wait for services such as physiotherapy or urogynaecology.


We can support patients in between appointments when they are waiting.

Safety netting

getUBetter safely promotes self-management but will refer patients back to the system when needed. Configurable to a local health system, including automated referrals, opt-in, PIFU, and using stratification tools.

Women's hubs

getUBetter connects the entire health system

Patient choice

We’re able to provide a digital health hub, enabling patient choice and connecting health services.

Access to local services

Providing access to local services that matter to patients, e.g. menstruation, domestic violence.

Book treatments

Patients are able to review and book local treatments and services available to them.

Prevention and live well

Through proven behaviour change, getUBetter prevents symptoms worsening or developing, promoting overall good pelvic health.

Prevention exercises

We provide daily prevention exercises for people to continue to do as an important part of getting them into their normal routine.


Supporting organisation to deliver maximum benefit to their population.

Real time analytics

Insight you need to promote effective self-management to your local population, improve activation, and uptake and monitor the impact your digital first pathways.

Integration support

Support bespoke to your organisation and designed to provide you with knowledge and skills to self-integrate and launch gUB into your organisational setting, website, and local population.

Updating patient information

Personalise patient-facing ‘in app’ content such as contact details, branding, and small notifications.

Digital inclusion

Co-designed with people with different physical, mental health, social, cultural, or learning needs of all ages.

Easily accessible to a population

getUBetter is made available to a whole population - free to use, with minimal data requirement and on multiple devices.

Translation and voice to speak

We offer multiple mediums like video, images, and verbal explanation on all videos. Video subtitles and touch to speak are available in 10 languages.

Zoom in

We made the text content as easy to understand as possible and, for those with impaired eyesight, we introduced a zoom in up to 200% without the text spilling of the screen.

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