MSK pathways


Safety netting

Multiple layers of safety netting throughout a patient’s recovery journey.

Ongoing safety netting

This is not just triage at a single point in time but ongoing symptom monitoring and stratification through outcome screening questionnaires.

Locally configured

All safety netting is defined and approved by your clinical team, and this is a key step in our clinical safety process.

At scale

Our approach delivers safety netting at scale ensuring people are re-directed to services when needed.


Holistic digital self-management support.


We provide a holistic approach to self-management support encompassing the complete lived experience of the condition including the physical, mental, economic, work, and behavioural elements.

Personalised and targetted

We deliver day by day recovery advice and guidance which responds to how a person is feeling and the stage of their recovery journey.

New, recurrent & long-term conditions

We support new, recurrent, or long-term musculoskeletal conditions.

Return to work

Empowering people to work well with an MSK condition.

Skills and confidence

We give people the skills and confidence to return, remain in, or get back to work.


Our holistic approach to self-management includes physical, mental, home life, economic, work, and behavioural support.

Supporting different types of work

getUBetter content supports different types of work, including office-based, driving, and shift work.

Referral and PIFU

Supporting appropriate referral and follow up.


Referral and follow up pathways are configured to meet the needs of local MSK pathways and services.


We provide automated and appropriate referrals back into services based on a person's recovery journey. We also provide a mechanism for people to trigger follow up if necessary.

Additional support services

We connect people to support services as well as their local MSK pathways, like Leva pain management or ESCAPE-pain.


Personalised, condition specific self-management at home, work, and on the go.

Personalised and targeted messaging

We provide personalised and targeted messaging relevant to the individual and relevant to the phase of recovery.

Self-progression exercises

We provide access to condition-specific exercises and enable people to move between easier and harder exercises, as their recovery progresses.

Recovery monitoring

People can set aims and goals and use the pain scale to help monitor their own recovery.

Waiting list support

Safely supporting patients on any MSK waiting list.

Support at each stage of waiting

We can support people at each point that they have to wait on the pathway.

Advice to seek help when needed

We support safe waiting but navigate patients back into the system when necessary.

Access to local services

We connect people to services they might find useful while waiting, such as weight loss support, or smoking cessation.

Prevention and live well

Through proven behaviour change we help prevent further injuries and promote living well.

Prevention plan

Once a person gets back to their own ‘normal’ we support them to avoid further injury or worsening of their condition.

Prevention exercises

We provide daily prevention exercises for people to continue to do as an important part of getting them into their normal routine.

Recurrence support

Should a problem reoccur, getUBetter resets to support the new episode from day one, including safety netting


Supporting organisations to deliver maximum benefit to their population.

Real time analytics

Insight you need to promote effective self-management to your local population, improve activation, and uptake and monitor the impact.

Integration support

Support designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to self-integrate and launch getUBetter into your organisational setting, website, and local population.

Updating patient information

Personalise patient-facing ‘in app’ content such as contact details, branding, and notifications.

Digital inclusion

Co-designed with people with different physical, mental health, social, cultural, and learning needs of all ages.

Easily accessible to a population

getUBetter is made available to a whole population - free to use, with minimal data requirement, and on multiple devices.

Translation and voice to speak

We offer multiple mediums like video, images, and verbal explanation on all videos. Video subtitles and touch to speak are available in 14 languages.

Zoom in

We made the text content as easy to understand as possible and, for those with impaired eyesight, we introduced a zoom in up to 200% without the text spilling off the screen.

If you’d like to explore how getUBetter can support your MSK patients to self-manage, get in touch.

  • Sussex MSK Partnership

If you’d like to explore how getUBetter can support your MSK patients to self-manage, get in touch.