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If you’re not sure you are eligible to use the getUBetter or need additional support, please get in touch with our support team.

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  • All I needed for recovery

    The app was wonderful- really clear, simple exercises plus reassurance that everything was going ok. I found the status updates really helpful - and good to know how the injury would progress.

    bettym41, 15.09.2021

  • GetUBetter for knee & ankle osteoarthritis

    This is a good app with a good range of exercises. What brings it down is the very cumbersome entry into and exit out of all the exercise and video features. I realise that you need a good grounding and understanding to ensure you complete the exercises correctly and at the appropriate level but it just takes so long to view each one I lose the will. I’ve also found it somewhat glitchy. Some days it all works, others it just crashes. So good but frustrating & I agree with other comments that it feels wrong not to actually see a physiotherapist at the outset for the diagnostic stage.

    Shina Shina, 15.12.2021

  • Perfect companion to help me recover

    GetUbetter really helped me with my lower back rehabilitation over the last few months. My GP recommended the app after months of pain and anxiety with a recurring issue on my lower left hand side. I have found the app to be easy to use, easy to follow and a great resource for my everyday stretches.

    Wimbledonguy31, 16.08.2021

  • Simple exercises to get better quicker

    I used this app after a knee injury and it helped me get better faster and with more confidence. Very easy to use. Lots of helpful advice given in a really simple way so it’s easy to follow. Very helpful to see the exercises being done so it is easy to copy them and remember what the important things are!

    flxjx, 12.02.2023