Webinar: How to implement self-management support for MSK patients on waiting lists

February 5, 2024

22nd February 2024 | 12:30-1:30PM 

getUBetter share their insights on how to implement digital self-management support for musculoskeletal (MSK) patients on waiting lists.

12% of the UK adult population is on a waiting list, with 10,000 waiting for a T&O operation across an Integrated Care System (ICS). The length of waiting lists, persistent pain, and deconditioning are all a problem. There’s an absolute need to provide evidence-based, locally configured peri-operative self-management support and safety netting for patients on waiting lists, wherever they are waiting in the system.

getUBetter has developed an orthopaedic elective recovery and safe waiting support module for patients across the peri-operative care pathway. It included waiting list support, self-management whilst waiting, preparation for an operation, day-by-day in-patient stay, and post operation support, with safety netting up to a year after. It can be provided alongside their MSK self-management support and the same app, which has been evidenced to drive benefits across entire care systems, including a 66% reduction in urgent care attendance and 26% reduction in single orthopaedic appointments in secondary care.


Key talking points: 

  • Why a whole pathway approach to digital self-management support is essential in optimising waiting lists.
  • How to implement peri-operative and safe waiting support alongside existing MSK self-management support.
  • The additive benefits of providing digital self-management support across the whole pathway.


Carey McClellan, Founder & Clinical Director | getUBetter 


Natalia Szczepanek, Community Engagement Officer | getUBetter 


Webinar Format:

Welcome & Introduction – 12:30-12:35PM 
getUBetter presentation – 12:35-12:55PM 
Audience Q&A – 1-1:30PM 



getUBetter is a current NHS Innovation Accelerator company and is featured in the NHS England MSK Digital Playbook. The evidence based and CE marked digital self-management platform for all common MSK conditions and women’s pelvic health is now available across 16 Integrated Care System to a total eligible population of 20M+ people.  It is the highest scoring app MSK App on the Orcha App Library and has recently been approved by NICE following an Early Value Assessment.


The getUBetter digital self-management pathways are locally configured to each place within an ICS and are made available to people wherever they interact with the system e.g., GP practice, urgent care, pharmacy, or physiotherapy. getUBetter helps people to trust their recovery, effectively self-manage and prevents over treatment.