Webinar: Inclusive digital transformation of MSK self-management support at scale across South West London ICS.

July 21, 2023

getUBetter and South-West London ICS share their insights and experiences from making MSK digital self-management support available to a population of 2 million and ensuring the support provided is as inclusive as possible and available wherever someone reaches out for help.


Digital technology such as getUBetter is recommended by BestMSKHealth to enable digital self-management support for patients alongside routine care but has the potential to widen the digital divide – there is an absolute need to focus on tackling digital exclusion.

In South West London the teams have undertaken a real-world root cause analysis of digital exclusion as part of NHSE’s Digital Exclusion Pioneers Program. The aim is to enable new processes and innovative ways of supporting people to be developed, and to understand how to break down the barriers that exist in traditional NHS care pathways.

In this webinar, getUBetter/South-West London ICS discuss how getUBetter is helping build “digital bridges” and deliver transformation across the whole ICS.


Key talking points:

  • Delivering inclusive digital transformation at scale.
  • Why a multiple condition, whole pathway approach to MSK digital self-management is essential in tackling digital exclusion.
  • The importance of co-design to inclusivity



Ben Wanless, Consultant MSK Physiotherapist| St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Nawal Hassan, GP | NHS South-West London Integrated Care System
Carey McClellan, CEO & Clinical Director | getUBetter


Louise Coates, Clinical Product Manager | getUBetter

Webinar Format:
Welcome & Introductions – 12:30-12:35PM
Digital inclusion presentation – 12:35-12:45PM
Panel discussion – 12:45-1:15PM
Audience Q&A – 1:15-1:30PM



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